The Walnut Avenue Cafe
San Francisco Examiner
"In downtown visit the Walnut Avenue Cafe, a very busy, very friendly-and very yummy-restaurant that serves without
doubt  the best breakfast in town"

Santa Cruz Good Times
"Walnut Avenue Cafe specializes in warm swift service, excellent espresso drinks and well-endowed plates of
freshly-made, classic American breakfast....Friendly service rules at Walnut Avenue Cafe and our beautiful plates were
served with a smile....... "Waffles, pancakes, eggs and more, Walnut Avenue Cafe packs them in with friendly service and
bountiful portions."

Santa Cruz Metro
"Breakfast at Walnut Avenue Cafe is an effortless experience that proves coziness is still possible in a dotcom world........
Some recipes for pleasing the customer are so well honed and uncomplicated that they don't require much tending.
Breakfast at Walnut Avenue Cafe would be one of those recipes, whipped up by combining fresh ingredients, friendly
service and a complete lack of trendiness."

Sunset Magazine
"City's best Breakfast"

Sacramento BEE
"Crowds of locals jam the popular restaurant for weekend brunch while downtown area workers show up in droves for
weekday breakfasts and lunches.  It's easy to see why: blackened ahi Benedict, French toast with grilled banana, walnuts
and whipped cream, plus a long list of well constructed sandwiches and salads."

New York Times
"When you've had your fitness fix, try the Walnut Avenue Cafe for a hearty brunch of French toast with grilled bananas,
walnuts and yogurt or granola with fruit and a muffin".
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